Project Books and Blankies


Robyn Strumpf founded Project Books and Blankies in 1999 at the age of twelve, with the goal of sharing the magic of reading with others.  As someone who had struggled to learn to read, she was motivated by her desire to share the magic of books with others.  She remembered that she used to snuggle with a cozy quilt, a book, and a family member who would read with her.

Her perseverance finally paid off and an avid reader today, Robyn decided to found a literacy project to provide resources and encouragement to others struggling with reading skills.  The message that she delivers when she makes deliveries – BOOKS ARE THE KEY TO THE FUTURE!

Project Books and Blankies is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This literacy organization is dedicated to the proposition that no skill is more critical to the success of individuals, or our collective success as a community, than the ability to read. With a goal of spreading the magic of reading, Project Books and Blankies, provides books to shelters, literacy programs, after school programs, classrooms, libraries, and the needy.

In addition to providing books, deliveries include the donation of a bright and colorful handmade quilt, either for display in the reading corner, or for the kids to snuggle with while reading.

Project Books and Blankies selects recipients of books by carefully evaluating requests and researching prospective programs. Recipients are selected based on need and on matching an age group with the current inventory of books.




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Trinity St. School

Center for Assault
Treatment Services (C.A.T.S)

Friends of the Family

Angel's Flight Emergency Shelter

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Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary School

The Science Center School

Don Quixote Book Club at Foshay Elementary School

Haven Hills and Haven 2

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